Zlatan Ibrahimovic welcomes 'top level challenge' at AC Milan

'Those 6 weeks will probably be vital to observe whether I am in shape and also could furnish benefits.  Otherwise I am not likely to remain only to function the following.  That does not interest me,''' Ibrahimović stated.  'the task of staying towards the very top degree delivers me using a great deal of adrenaline.
Zlatan Ibrahimović has been providing himself to determine whether he could nevertheless play elite-level football together with among Europe's clubs that are wayward.  Even the 38-year-old striker was introduced by AC Milan on Friday following registering a deal prior to the conclusion of the summer season using the possibility to increase for one more yr.

'Milan continues to be Milan.  History can not be altered,' Ibrahimović stated of those seven-time European champions.  'I am arriving to greatly help the team.  We certainly can perform more but let us proceed 1 game at one moment; point.  This is really a marathon, not even a 100-meter sprint'

Ibrahimović stated that his kids assisted him to pick the most No. 21 top notch.  He can make his debut from Sampdoria in the San Siro on Monday.

Extra Zvonimir Boban,'' Milan's principal foot-ball officer:'We are persuaded that Ibra could alter our own season and offer everybody else a hands '

Ibrahimović assisted Milan into the final Serie A name in 2011.  He's played Paris Saint-Germain,'' Manchester-united and also the LA Galaxy.

'I have not seen lots of 38-year-old footballers reunite to some bar in this way.  However, should they will have signed me means that they have confidence in me personally.  This is an evaluation to me personally to observe whether I am doing the ideal issue.  ... I obtained greater asks 38 than that I did in 28."

Returning into the team that he abandoned almost eight decades back, Ibrahimović has been relied to create a direct effect to a group at 11th location and reeling out of a 5-0 reduction to Atalanta -- Milan's biggest Serie A conquer at over two years.
'Milan is much like my own dwelling,' he explained.  'It attracts me to the joys of enjoying football'
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